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Our birth chart is like a fingerprint – a unique signature of our spirit soul, layered with a unique signature & resonance as it entered this Earthly realm. Learning the symbols and archetypes – and how they reflect in your life at this time – is a tool, like many others, that can aid in developing a deeper understanding of our both universal and unique human experiences.

In an effort to gain experience and work toward developing a language with the Oracle of the chart, I am opening my doors to take on new clients, as a donation-based service. I am recently certified as a Hellenistic Astrologer, under the guidance of Acyuta-bhava Das and through the teachings of astrologers such as Chris Brennan, Demetra George, Lynn Bell, Richard Tarnas, along with my fellow classmates in the Nightlight Astrology programs. I find this is an unending journey of reflection and discovery, that is constantly leading me back to the examination of my own soul and its relationship to the infinite.​


All consultations require your full name and the exact location, date, and time of your birth. If you are unsure of your birth time, we can go through a rectification process for an additional fee. Also, coming with an area of life you like to direct your focus (health, career, family, relationships, etc) will create a strong container to work within. I work with the Whole-house sign system and pull from numerous ancient astrology techniques to gain an understanding of the archetypes within each chart.

Readings will be done either in person if in the Austin area, or online via Zoom. Each person will receive a PDF overview of what was discussed during our session.


Explore themes of your birth chart that help illuminate rhythms and cycles of your past to guide you into the future. Alongside specific questions you have about your life, we will look at upcoming transits to assist how to navigate each with as much ease and steadiness as possible. 

Cost: $150/1-hour session


This is for existing clients or those who are already familiar with their whole-sign birth chart, who want to look at specific current or upcoming transits. Great for a follow-up to previous readings, or if you have additional specific questions.

Cost: $75/1-hour session



My goal is to read for families, hopefully assisting in gaining a deeper understanding of each individual along with their relationship to the whole family unit. With this understanding, there might be more acceptance and nurturing of and for each member.

Cost varies based on the size of your family.​

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Fill out the form below and I will be in touch with any additional questions, and schedule our meeting.

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