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Connecting Within

Time keeps on moving and continues to baffle me. In the past week I’ve had days fly by in the blink of an eye and moments last for lifetimes; some I wanted to escape sensations almost immediately, and others I could have existed in eternally blissful. There is really no rhyme or reason to it all, and no formula as to what evokes a guaranteed experience.

Yet, I have found a few things I am learning to rely on in these times:

• the Power of the Pause

• tying action and word to kindness will mostly yield positive results

• taking time to connect to self is never wasted

There have been some incredibly intense times personally – showing up physically with house issues, body aches, and emotional flareups left & right, from myself and those close to me. I’ve gone through waves of what I can only describe as heartache, felt as pressure in my chest as if diving down to the bottom of the sea; perhaps a grieving, or a longing. We’ve had breakdowns and breakthroughs in our family unit, and this process is one that is never-ending. We are healing and learning together, constantly refining how to better relate to each other and work together.

The above lessons play a really big role in how we’ve grown. When I pause I get to choose my response instead of possibly falling victim to my habitual or triggered response. When I ensure my actions and words fit through a gate of kindness, I am more likely to connect with the tender place in myself or my children that’s hurting and needing attention & care. If I’m taking regular time to connect with my own heart and inner goodness and inner child, I know who I am wanting to be and can align my actions and words to that path. Of course, I mess up and admit mistakes and ask for forgiveness, offering grace and understanding and compassion in return. It becomes a beautiful dance.

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