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Mars in Aries

Tiny reminders I’ve posted around the house. Energies are intense and impulsive anger seems to bubble just under the surface.

Each time I see this first reminder, I feel myself soften. There is so much beyond our control, and this reminds me to focus on what is within my control like pausing to respond (instead of simply reacting) when triggered.

My kids are getting familiar with this phrase as well - when reminded, deep breaths seem to come sooner, and we remember to be gentle with ourselves so that we can be gentle with others.

The hearts are practices of gratitude, and each time we notice one we think of 1-3 things we’re grateful for. This has brought me back to the present moment so many times, and hearing my boys list what they appreciate at that moment fills my heart as I see it fill theirs.

Lately, I’ve found gratitude for small steps that feel like greater alignment with who I am. This sunflower, growing in such perfect harmony in an unlikely spot, and this holy basil blooming this year without effort when I’ve tried without success in years past.

With so much to rightfully bring up big emotions, these practices of grounding and appreciating what is - right now - feel equally important. Something we practice in yoga - a balance of opposites such as grounding but extending, or finding the flow between effort and ease - is practiced on the mat to take with us wherever we go. These are powerful lessons within this dance of life, and I hope you’re each finding what moves you to both a place of stillness and of action.

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