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Trust the Process

I hope everyone had a peaceful New Moon, and a happy Diwali to those who celebrate.

This week feels like it lasted at least a month. The message I continue receiving is to “Trust the Process.” Simple, but not always easy. It’s difficult to trust that the kids are getting the best of what they need, but then I remember that nurturing their kindness and ability to recognize and respond to their emotions is of the utmost importance. It’s difficult to trust that I’m making the most of my time or doing the right thing, but then I notice a moment of synchronicity (a spoken word in the distance paired with a lost toy I happen to glance at on the ground) and feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. It’s difficult to fully trust intuitions and instincts when so much seems cloudy and fuzzy; yet every time I drop into my heart – the center and resonant space of my being – and hear the repeating, encouraging message to believe I take a deep breath and continue showing up.

I imagine that for you – a parent or caretaker in this time of great transition – something similar might be true. There are difficulties; yet you continue showing up. Please take a moment and allow the fullness of that recognition sink in.

As we move into the holiday season, schedules will inevitably change (again) and although our days won’t be packed with the same hustle and bustle we are used to I imagine that time will have a quality of moving quickly. I will do my best to set a reliable schedule, including offerings for kids while school is out. If there are any specific needs or requests, please reach out to me and I’ll do my best to fulfill them.

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