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Hollie first discovered Yoga in her last semester at the University of Texas. Growing up as a competitive swimmer, health and wellness was always front & center in her life. After retiring as a member of the UT Women's Swim Team, she was able to slow down and explore courses within philosophy and how religion shapes culture. The Philosophy of Yoga opened her eyes to a holistic view of what life can be. Rediscovering swimming as a moving meditation, creating a depth of both body awareness and breathwork, the transition to the practice of Yoga was a natural one.


In 2006, she began working in the marketing department of Yoga Yoga in Austin, where she also completed her 200-hour Hatha Yoga training in 2009. After growing her family to include two sweet boys, her focus evolved to researching child development. Wishing she had tools of mindfulness as a child, and wanting more tools as a parent, Hollie completed her 97-hour Children's Yoga Training in 2016. Since that time, she has taught children of all ages, developed workshops focused on families building connections, and currently teaches a variety of Family Yoga classes throughout Austin. Her hope is to build self-awareness and confidence with the children in her classes – helping them feel seen, heard & empowered to express themselves – while also creating a safe, supportive community for all families whose paths she crosses. She is now a co-owner of Studio Satya in Austin, Texas, alongside Mary Richardson and Karlie Lemos.​


Hollie has a degree in Photojournalism from the University of Texas at Austin. She worked as a graphic designer since 2002, ranging from working at small design firms to in-house tech, to co-owning a boutique shop in Austin, and currently takes on clients as a freelancer ( In 2016 she completed her 75-hr Permaculture Design Course and happily experiments with those lessons in her backyard. She is constantly working to find balance in life, and to stay in the flow of how that shifts throughout the cycles that come and go.

Her interest in studying the stars led to finding her teacher, Adam Elenbaas of Nightlight Astrology, where she completed his 2-Year Hellenistic Astrology program. The use and study of astrology continuously leads her to a deeper understanding of the rolls fate & freewill play throughout life.​ In 2023 she began her studies as an Akashic reader, under the guidance of Bonnie Gandy of Bluebird Song. Combining both modalities within a reading opens both Hollie as the reader with the higher self of the client. 

Additional trainings: 87-hour Trauma-Informed Yoga (2019), 2-hour Introduction to Somatics (2019), 12-hour Walk Your True Path, Methodology and Practice (2019), 2-Year Hellenistic Astrology Program with Nightlight Astrology (2020-2022), Readings & Passages with Nightlight Astrology (2023), Roots & Spheres with Nightlight Astrology (2024)

Student of Life
Yoga for Children & Families, Meditation, Astrologer, Artist, Designer, Permaculture-Enthusiast, Connector, Human
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