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It's All Energy

On Sunday, I was able to find time for virtually attending a yoga class online, with Mary at Studio Satya. I don’t always make time for it, but am consistently appreciative of my effort when I do. Throughout the class, there were moments of allowing intention to rise up. What continually rose up and refined for me was this: Feel Fully – Speak Slowly and Softly.

Apparently, I like alliteration! Deeper than that, it spoke right at the heart of all I’ve been experiencing within myself, my kids, my family, and those I am lucky enough to teach. Let me explain how this unfolds…

The complexity of the world today is surreal. There are times I find myself feeling intensely and wanting to quickly move away from it, or seeing my kids unravel and wanting to fix it so that we can quickly return to peace. I see conversations online spiral into combative arguments that convey a layers emotion behind them that cannot be contained. I myself sometimes feel like there is a tiger inside, just waiting to pounce. Tensions are high. We see so many problems and want to find a solution; along the way it seems like many are loosing their patience. We want answers, and we want them now.

Last week I noticed so much rising up inside, primarily in the form of creativity longing to be expressed. In speaking with a friend, I mentioned that it felt as if I had so much brewing inside but no real momentum to execute. It held a sensation of an ocean wave pulling back, preparing to come rushing in and crash on shore. This is where my intention fit so perfectly as a reminder that I will continue returning to for the rest of the year. When I do not pay attention to that sensation of a crouched tiger, or wave pulling back, I am caught off guard by the pounce or the crashing wave; but if I am intentional with observing those moments of rising energy, I can more easily channel it to a useful end. The times ahead are intense (I’ll elaborate on this in a moment), and it is so important to "Practice the Pause" so that when we do experience a big emotions and sensations we can choose how to respond, instead of simply react.

For the past few years, I have studied Astrology as a tool not for prediction but to build awareness, and when I speak of times ahead being intense there are a number of reasons for that conclusion. From my personal experience and observation, there is something to the energy of celestial bodies that are closest to us. Just as the moon effects ocean tides, the phases, pulls, and pushes influence our human bodies as well, influencing even cycles of planting and harvest. Personally, I see Astrology as a balance between science and spirit.

With that disclosure, and if you’ve stayed with me for this long, let me get into why I’m bringing this up in an email about kids yoga classes (haha!). Sometimes there are energies beyond our control – storms such as a hurricane or tornado, for instance. If we know a physical storm is coming, we prepare in appropriate ways; I believe this is the same for energetic storms. If we’ve learned anything in yoga, (I hope!) it is that there is more to this human experience than just our physical bodies. We have many layers beyond what we can see with our eyes. Astrology helps me understand more of that which is intangible. So far, this year has been intense in obvious ways, but there is more to come. Many of the alignments and planet placements correspond to other big events such as establishment of the ancient city of Babylon, 9/11, the fall of Rome, the Great Depression, and even the Rodney King riots (I am also planning to write a blog post on this topic, with a list of examples of past astrological events, if you would like more insight on this topic).

The second half of this year is expected to have similar energy to the beginning of the year, but more intense. The reason for this is the placement and transit of Mars. This planet, representing a warrior, just moved into Aries which represents singular action. It begins at the Spring Equinox and contains the energy of a seed bursting out of it’s shell, through the soil, and out into the world. Typically, Mars spends 9 weeks in one astrological sign, but will experience a retrograde and will be here until January of next year. While in Aries, Mars will also come into what’s called a Square with Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto (while in Capricorn, representing long held structures such as corporations, patriarchy, social systems, etc). When planets are square to each other the energy flowing between them is difficult. Think of it like water going through a kinked hose – it just doesn’t flow as easily.

I have already seen this energy rising up within me and with my kids. In general, it shows up as being quick to anger. Now, if we look at the energy of the world, there is much to get angry about. This is, in many ways, a perfect storm for many things to come crashing down so that they can be rebuilt. My hope for myself, and for everyone reading here, is that we can continually find our center, to pause, and to choose our responses – especially with our children. This time is unimaginably stressful for them. I am preparing for the coming storm in a few ways: setting new routines (so we have a foundation in what has gotten a little blurry), making time for myself (beginning a 40-day practice tomorrow), and making time for intentional connection with each of my boys every day (no phone, no agenda, just time together). I’m also hanging up little reminders around the house such as a paper heart. Every time we each notice it, we take a moment and think of 3 things we are thankful for. I have also let everyone know that "Mars is in Aries", and when tensions suddenly run high, I simply place my hand on my heart and repeat that statement. They can then recognize there is something beyond their control. Using the tether of the fact that energy is high, remember they are not a bad person, they can more easily return to a place of control within themselves.

This weekend (on July 4th) there is another eclipse. Perhaps take note of the energy within yourself and those around you, and out in the world. Or, perhaps this all seems a little “out-there”! Either way, I hope at least a portion is relatable and useful on some level.

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