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Spotlight on Mars in Gemini

Updated: Nov 7, 2022


August 20, 2022: Mars enters Gemini

September 3, 2022: Mars Rx Preshadow Begins

October 30, 2022: Mars Rx begins at 25º Gemini

January 12, 2023: Mars stations direct at 8º Gemini

March 15, 2023: Mars Rx Post-Shadow Ends

March 25, 2023: Mars enters Cancer

As covered in this reflection, Mars usually transits one sign for about 2 months. Now, Mars will be in the sign of Gemini for the next 7 months. Quite a difference! While Mars does not actually travel backwards in the sky, from our vantage point on the Earth it appears to move backwards through the zodiac. It's all perspective, however within this shift in planetary movement there are energetic significations tied to times like this.

In July, I spoke about how this transit can be felt collectively and individually. Let me try to explain...

You see, Mars reflects different things at different times for each of us, depending on which house it will move through during this time along with factors like if there are any other planets there in your birth chart, the condition of Mars in your birth chart, how this movement interacts with it, as well as your other natal placements. It's a little complex, and more meaningful than simply reading a 2 sentence horoscope in the back of the Chronicle (though I do love Rob Brezsny's way with words).

For example, Mars will move through my 10th house, bringing up those house topics for me including career, perhaps relating to my mother or children, or possibly work completed out in the world. Those topics will have a Gemini quality to them, so think quick and airy, tied to communication, and mental activity, maybe even health. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so I have to look at my natal Mercury and the condition of Mercury over the next 7 months. These two planets are especially significant for me, as Mercury is my overall chart ruler (with my rising sign as Virgo), and Mars is my time lord this year when using a technique incorporating my solar return chart. Interestingly, I feel more inspired to ground and write out messages such as this newsletter, which has been challenging in the recent past.

Mars is a planet of action, often associated with war, aggression, and things that are cutting – especially in its Yang expression of energy. It can also dive deep into shadows to gain new perspectives, becoming the effort required to make ideas reality while in its more Yin energy. What a beautiful overlay with this particular time of year as we transition between Summer and Fall, as any change from one thing to another can require courage and effort.

This driving energy might be what we all experience. A tendency toward hot-headedness, a quick mind, firey thoughts, and more action and motion than usual in one area of life. But with the practice of yoga and mindfulness, we can embody pausing to properly channel this energy into something productive, not destructive. It's more about taking that worry, getting still, and creating intention on how to proceed (ie take action) forward, then taking the next small step. We notice the energy and use it appropriately.

In speaking with a friend recently about everything that's going on (she is a student of astrology, as well), I discovered my own theme that I'll keep in mind for the next 7 months: taking compassionate action. Anger can be scary, but it can also show what we value and are passionate about. It seems like worry can also contain clues to what is important. The key with both – at least from my current perspective – is taking action in a kind way. Meaning, I don't beat myself up for things like not hanging up my laundry or sending that email (again!).

Though my mind is moving a million miles a minute, I can take time to pause and reflect before I respond, or react. I can do my best to assume the best in others before my observations turn into judgments. And when I mess up, I can choose to be compassionate with myself, again, and again, and again.

As a new moon approaches on Saturday, this is a good time to reflect on where you've noticed anger or worry pop up and come up with a handful of simple strategies to support taking thoughtful, kind action – both with yourself and others. Soften right here, release what you're holding, and continue returning to your breath.

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